The Second Sister by Rae D. Magdon

The Second Sister (Amendyr Book 1) - Rae D. Magdon

I guess I can sum this up as a disappointing read.


I'm a sucker for fairy tale retellings, the romance being about two girls helps the book sell quicker. So I actually read most of the book, just was dissatisfied by the plot and didn't really care how the story ended.


POSSIBLE SPOILERS! (Also, I'm not the nicest when I review books I didn't like. So beware dramatic criticism.)


Eleanor (Ellie) is moves in with her father and his new wife after her mother dies. She has two new stepsisters, a stepmother and lives in a enormous mansion filled with servants and luxuries. Then her father dies. Sound familiar?

I didn't ever like the original Cinderella particularly, but Ellie is even less interesting.

Her father dies, her sisters become suddenly evil, and she sent from her comfortable bedroom to work with the servants.

But I think the most aggravating part was the romance. Extremely sensual and erotic, but it takes Ellie a relatively long time to realize that her stepsister Belladonna is TOTALLY in lust with her. In fact, she writes about how much she wants her in a poorly hidden diary that Ellie finds and reads. Upon finding this out, Ellie realizes that that not only is a lesbian sex a thing, but that she wants Belladonna as well.

This is far fetched for a few reasons- 

1. The limited interactions between Ellie and Belladonna up until Ellie realizes she like her.

2.The spontaneity of her deciding to take on a woman as her lover (after she states she had never thought about it), and her kinda-sister as her lover (after she states she had NEVER thought about it). 

3.The fact that her other step-sister, Luciana, is forcing her self on other servants. Having sex with them without their consent, because they are servants, and they have to. RAPING them. 

Though that is repulsive, it makes her very villainous. The problem is that it is implied that Belladonna sleeps with the servants, too. But they don't mind. Because she is the the less violent "nice" rapist.


Well, also it felt like the whole romance was this kind of deflower-the-virgin kind of thing.

And as a large part of the plot at some points, it made me kind of bored.

Lot's of things felt overlooked.


That is all I have to say for the book.

Which questions why it was labeled fantasy on Goodreads, I hardly registered that part of the story.


Recommended if you are not so hypocritical and picky about things like this as I am. If you like plenty of erotic scenes and don't mind all the characters being so shallow.