The Moorchild by Eloise Mcgraw

The Moorchild - Eloise McGraw

I loved this book right from the dedication:

To all children who have ever felt different


This is the story of a young girl, Saaski, who is just that. She her self doesn't even know to what extent. She is a changeling, was born to fairies (referred to in the story as Folk, Moorfolk, among many names) and swapped from unsuspecting parents with a human baby. She remembers little of her life before she was a baby to human parents, but the fairies felt need to dispose of her after discovering she was part human.

She lives the life of a normal human girl, but is looked down upon by the people in town. She is bullied and blamed for the misfortunes often. She feels different, she behaves differently, she looks different- all these are sign to others that she doesn't belong.

Throughout the story, she uncovers her story of who she is and meets a few friends despite her many foes.


I loved this kind of thoughtful pondering Saaski did through out the story as to what the feelings Love and Hate are. These feelings are foreign to the fairies, these feelings are very much human (Fairies are care-free, and don't really see things black and white, nor do they have any attachments to anything). She is usually not quite sure she understands what they are, and that changes throughout the book. Saaski is a gentle soul, a free spirit. Very thoughtful, not clouded by judgement. This personality of her conquers over the feelings of darkness and hatred them draw in during the book. A great character, among many more.


A magical story, somewhat bittersweet. Very recommended if you like reading about fairies, or can relate to the dedication quoted above and feel sometimes like you belong neither here nor there.