George by Alex Gino

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George - Alex Gino

A sweet, endearing story of a girl named George and her struggles to show the world who she really is.


This book is about a transgender child, the second one I've ever read, and it seems there are not many books out there on the topic. It seems that as a topic, it's generally pretty groundbreaking, especially when it comes down to children. So that's cool. I'm so glad this was written.


It's a middle grade book, about a 4th grader. If anything, this book is simple. Simple to read and to understand. And just downright sweet.

George is a girl, something no one knows that about her, until her 4th grade class decides to put on a play about Charlotte's Web. George REALLY wants to play Charlotte in the play, but no one will have it. With the help of her very awesome, melodramatic friend Kelly, she figures out a way to show her Mom (and some others along the way) her true self.

Can truly teach a thing or to about acceptance.

Though some bullying and nonacceptance is depicted, part of a harsh reality, the family members and friends in this book were so excepting and supportive. Really lovely to read. Left me with the warm fuzzies.