PrinceLess #1 - D.E. Belton, Jung-Ha Kim, Jeremy Whitley, Shawn Gabborin, M. Goodwin

What do you do if you are tired of waiting around for your prince charming to show up and save you? Save yourself, of course!


Princess Adrienne decides to do just that when her father, the king, has her and her sisters locked up (in towers, as that is the tradition) in an attempt to find them husbands and an heir to the throne. She takes matters into her own hands and then decides to go and save her other sisters who have befallen the same fate.

She is a fierce and fiery character, but she's not the only one... There is awesome diversity in this book, and lots of stereotype bending characters. My personal favorite was Princess Adrienne's one brother Prince Devin, who would prefers to read poetry, about love and such, to sword fighting. This is of course infuriating to his father, the king, that doesn't think he'd make a very good heir to the throne.

It doesn't end there- An spunky, female blacksmith who is good with weapons; a dragon who makes a good pet, though it was bred to guard a tower and be slain...

And lots of thugs to fight.

A memorable and laughable moment for me was when a knight-in-shining-armor who is attempting to save Adrienne calls her a fair maiden, and she goes off on him for not realizing how offensive he's being when she is clearly not fair-skinned. Dark skinned, in fact. You can count on her to have the most funny and witty retorts.

It's funny, but still action filled AND full of awesome female characters that the authors totally did justice.

A story about taking your own fate into your hands, no matter what others tell you and no matter the circumstances!


I like where to story-line went, and it did so with humor and fun. A great read! I'm definitely going to read the rest. I want to see what this princess-in-shining-armor does next!