Spindle by W.R Gingell

Spindle - W.R. Gingell

Spindle is a retelling of the story of Sleeping Beauty.

One that spans form the minute our "princess" Poly is awakened, rudely, by a kiss. She was put under a spell long ago and you'd think being awoken solves everything, but things only get more strange and complicated from there forward. Why are people trying to kill Poly and Luck, the wizard who broke the spell? Why are they running, from whom, why can't Poly remember so many things about her past? What leads to her lying in the princess's bed (she isn't the princess), and sleeping for 400 years? (And why is Luck so infuriating that he won't answer all these questions?)

From there forward, they travel through colorful and magical landscapes full of strange and quirky characters at every twist and turn, trying to fully break the spell as Poly keeps falling asleep and her very long hair keeps acting out...


If I had to sum up this book in one word, I'd say FUNNY. It made me smile and giggle, Not only was the dialog so laughable, but the situations the characters got themselves into, even in perilous moments. It gave the book a light and warm feeling despite the moments of danger and despair.

Poly reminded me in a way of Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. The characters and dialogue in general, too. If you've ever read this classic by Diana Wynne Jones, you know this means I find her very likable.

And Luck, too. Combined, this story has a very airy, easily distracted wizard and a very oblivious "princess"- and hilarity ensues. They bicker like an old married couple from the minute they meet. Or like young school children. I can't decide. (And take for ever to realize their love for one another!)

It's got a precise and thought out system of magic, as well as array of magical creatures- a dog-boy, a dragon, wizards, enchantresses, gremlins... all different and delightful.

And it is a book in a series, so I might just read the next.


I'd give this one a read if you want cozy type of fairy with a perfect fairy-tale ending, but also interesting characters and a rich and fast-paced plot. 


I won this book in a Booklikes giveaway, thanks W.R Gingell!

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