The Last Soul Children by Aman Chougle

The Last Soul Children - Aman Chougle

I don't read non-fiction books very often, so this was an out of the ordinary book for me to read...


The Last Soul Children is an autobiographical piece by Aman Chougle in which he reminisces on his childhood memories, relationships and connections. It read very much like a conversation with a friend over coffee, just talking about your lives, flowing and casual like speech. He tells specific stories to raise points and thoughts about what it's like to grow up- and though they are unique to his life, they are are very simply universal, in my opinion. He gives interesting insight and opinions about his surroundings and still- laughed at some point when I realized that I could simply switch his perspective with my own (or someone else's) and it wouldn't be to far fetched. So, definitely relatable and very insightful. A simple and breezy read that feels comfortable and friendly.


Because I was reading things so relatable and real, I did find myself impatiently waiting for something crazy to happen, some dragons to fly into the room and abduct Aman's nasty teachers, even. I prefer to stick to fiction mostly, it's somehow easier on my brain. 

(Not connected to the story, when I was reading this book and formatted it for my Kindle, the spacing was all weird and the chapters all blended. That kind of drove me crazy....)


Recommended, read if you want to read something down-to-earth, subjective about the little things in life, or just to realize that it's such a small world.

(Though I will stick to the more "less-down-to-earth" stuff, probably...)



I won this book in a Booklikes giveaway! Thanks, Aman! You can find find him on Booklikes here.