Ava's demon by Michelle Czajkowski

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Ava's Demon: Book One - Michelle Czajkowski



Ava's Demon is a comic starts off with Ava Ire being sent to the school principal after screaming in class at a demon that's irking her, that no one can see. That somehow leads to her accidentally escaping her planets destruction on a fellow classmates spaceship (along with an old childhood of Ava's friend whom he kind saved by abducting). The three of them crash land on a planet where the people worship a god named Titan, who supposedly created the universe, and befriend a kind worshiper who helps them on their way. 

Unknown to each other, each of these individuals is hosting a demon with which each made a pact. Things unravel as Ava and her "friends" attempt to escape this planet and continue on their journey, but that's not going to be easy.


That's the story in a nutshell.



The characters are so interesting and complex, even more so with their corresponding demons. You can tell so much thought has been put into these characters, everything from their personalities and down to their names. For instance, everything about Ava screams fire, anger and wrath. She is a tiny, sort or fearful girl- who bubbles over in intense, explosive anger whenever taunted by her demon or others. Both of them are painted in fiery colors, and their names- Ava Ire and Wrathia Bellarmina- speak of the same qualities themselves. This is repeated with each of the characters and their demons, painting interesting and (literally) colorful characters.

Ava's struggles with her demon are so interesting, and though depicted through fantasy elements they can relate so well to the things people with anxiety (lots in Ava's case),depression or mental illness cope with. Each character with their personal demon is like a person struggling with a force  beyond themselves that has latched on for the ride, making it all the harder (...or eventually easier..?).

Anyways, enough with the rambling. 


It's hard to not love this comic, with it's intense and bright colors, intriguing plot, characters and complex sci-fi/fantasy-ish world build. I couldn't recommend it enough.


Furthermore, this review is of book one, which is up online in it's entirety! You can go read it now (or later if you'd like, but you should definitely read it)!